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====== Clippy - Windows Screen Capture Utility ====== {{ :software:help-clippy.jpg|Clippy}} Clippy is a **FREE** screen capture utility that enables you to grab small segments of your screen and place them on your clipboard. It's great for capturing parts of your screen for documentation or adding to your emails. The application is a Java application (1.4 or higher) wrapped up in a Windows executable to make starting the application easy for everyone. In addition to capturing parts of your screen //Clippy// can be configured to slide on/off your screen to save screen space. ===== Installation ===== - Download the zip file from this link - {{:software:clippyv2.zip|clippyV2.zip}} (129kb) - unzip the contents - run clippy.exe If you do not have Java 1.4 or greater installed Clippy will direct you to the Sun Java site to install the JRE (Java Runtime Environment). Why did I write this in Java? I want to be able to use the same software on multiple platforms. Since this is a useful Windows tool I've wrapped it as an executable to make things easier for others. ===== Screenshots ===== {{:software:help-window.jpg|}} Start up screen or keeping Clippy as a window \\ {{:software:help-pinned.jpg|}} Pinning Clippy to your background desktop \\ {{:software:help-slide.jpg|}} Enabling Clippy to slide off/on your screen ===== Usage ===== Clippy is simple to use and has a minimal set of commands. |{{:software:slide.gif|}} | Selection of //slide// mode will make the application lock to the closest screen edge and slide it off the screen when the mouse is not over the application window. Clippy will leave approximately 2mm of the application on the screen so that you can move the mouse over the window forcing it to slide back in to view. Selecting //slide// mode again will turn it off. | |{{:software:pin.gif|}} | //pinned// mode will lock Clippy to your background image or return it to window mode when selected again.| |{{:software:close.gif|}} | Exit | |{{:software:camera.gif|}} | Turn on screen capture. The screen will brighten when capture mode is turned on. Using your mouse select one corner of the image you want to capture and press your mouse button (keep it pressed!). Now move your mouse to the opposite corner to release and capture the image bound by the two corners. The image will be stored on your clipboard. If you decide not to capture an image then press any keyboard key to exit capture mode.| ===== Feedback or Questions ===== The graphics could be better but since this is free and functional I think it hits the 'good enough' criteria. You can email me at the link below with questions or feedback. {{ :software:email.jpg |}}

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