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There are many gaming websites but this has got to be my favourite Friv is a very good gaming website with about 200 games. Frivs website adress is.

Santa .com is a fun web site.It is very safe as has games,activates and so much more. you can Email sant have fun and meat the elves. You can meat the raindeer and find out all 8 of there names. The art is ful of fun stuff to do. Here is santa .coms Email adress


Google is a brillent searching program.It also you can search images,videos,maps,news,shopping,mail and more.Google is quick enough.Google has many uses as you as can see.Google is brilliant for searching the world wide web.Here is googles web site address.

This is a very good christmas website. It cantins christmas arts,christmas games snd other things. I think it is a brillent website. is a safe fun website .on you can Email santa. Here is Northpole.coms Email adress


England is quite a little country.England has a lot of country side.The wether in England is quite sunny in the summer in the autumn and winter it is quite cold and some times we get snow in the winter.Some parts of England is new and some parts are old.We do get some wind sometimes.The wind is not always strong.


Londen is in England. London is a big city. This is where the queen of England lives. The London eye.You can see a lot from up there but the London eye costs some money. You can pay money and go in the queens palace and you can pay money to go the tower of London.


Bristol is a city.There is always a lot going on in Bristol. Bristol have a foot ball team called bristol city foot ball foot ball club and and a foot ball stadium.Bristol have a science place for children called at Bristol and it is very fun.Bristol has a lot of shops.


Portishead is a small town. Portishead may be small but it is a lot of fun.Portishead has a high street with a lot of shops. Portishead has a gym in the gym there is a swimming pool and sports hall and there is a normal gym. Portishead has a big marina with lock gates. There is a lot of schools in Portishead.


Australia is very nice country.Very hot as well.Every now and then rains in Australia.There is a road in Australia. Australia has a lot of pools to keep you cool. Australia never has any snow.There is some zoos in Australia.Australia has many towns and cites.


Sydney is in Australia. sydney is a city. Sydney has a lot of shops.There is a lot of water in sydney. In sydney there is the sydney opera house and tonga zoo.As well there is the sydney bridge and you can walk on top of the sydney bridge if you are 10.


France is a hot and dry country.France has a lot of water.There are a lot of houses and bouts in france. Theres a lot of Shops in france.There are bars and restrints in france.some famous people live and take holidays in france.Remember that you need to be able to speak french to go to france.


Monaco is is in france.Monaco is the second smallest country in the world.If you go to monaco be shore to see the changing of the guards at 11.There is a big assembly when it goes on.There are lots of famous peoples boats in the harbour some big some small. Monaco's harbour is very big.


America is a nice and hot country. There are many hotels in America because America is mainly a tourist destnation. Disney land is very populer place.Disney is big time recommended by cross kids. America is a nice country has many tourist Destination and very warm and is a very nice country.Disney land is very busy.There is a man called mike and he has created tour guide mike so that you can get through disney land with out getting stuck in giant line. If you print out tour guide mike it tells you how to get through Disney land with out being stuck in a queue.Here is the web adress to tour guide mike. www.tour guide mike .com


Dartmouth is a small town next to xexeter. Dartmouth is in England.Dartmouth has a big river in the town.There are giant and small bouts. There is some campsites. Dartmouth has a hill inside the town. Dartmouth has a play center clled woodlans. Woodlands is a fun and safe place. Woodlands has many rides and soft play ereas.


Lapland is a area in finland. It is very cold. There are lots to do. There are many activates to try out in Lapland. You can husky sldge, reindeer sledge, and ski. There are many ski slopes. If you are lucky you mite see the northen lights. There are many finish people who speak finish but most of the finish people can speak english. It is very cold so remenber to rap up warm.

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