Personal Favourites

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Ones recommended by our school!

Woodlands Junior School
Amazing site packed with well-designed activities in every area of the school curriculum, to the learning of junior-aged children. Site is very easy to navigate, with specific sections for literacy, numeracy and science, as well as homework resources for every subject. For extra fun there is also a section of online games
Crick Primary School
Another well designed web site, full of wonderful resources. There are games to support every subject at Key Stage 2, but there is also a Key Stage 1 section, which may be useful for some children
BBC Schools
Site full of quality resources for all children at primary level. In the 'Other Subjects' section, you will find the DANCE MAT TYPING to find your way quickly and accurately around the keyboard.
Primary Games
Primarily a maths resource. You can buy the software, excellent for schools or home use, or use them online in evaluation mode. There are five volumes of the Primary Games but additionally through the site you can access Teaching Measures, Teaching Money, Teaching Time and Teaching Tables
Site has a compiled list of many maths activities from other online resources. It also shows the Key Objectives taught in maths for each year group
Topic Box
Another compilation site of online resources for primary-aged children but this time across the whole subject range
Top Marks
This is a filtered educational search engine, which means that all the links are from trustworthy, reputable sites. You can browse by subject and Key Stage, as well as by key words
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