====== Welcome to the CrossFamily Wiki ====== This is the Internet homepage for the Cross family. It is a place to maintain information that is useful to us and hopefully to many others! **From here you can link to:** * [[http://www.crossfamily.me.uk/blog|my Technology Blog!]] * [[software:Clippy|Software]] sponsored by World4Kids.co.uk * [[MacBook]] * [[CrossKids:]] * [[gallery:|Image Gallery]] * [[Development Activities]] This page was created using the popular Wiki engine [[wiki:dokuwiki|DokuWiki]].It's simple to install, use and customize standards compliant Wiki. DokuWiki syntax can be found [[wiki:syntax|here]]. The page look is by [[http://www.incognitek.com/redge/projects/dokuwiki|Incognitek]] with my own mod to enable the title image to change with the namespaces. Still can't find what you are looking for? Try the [[http://www.crossfamily.me.uk/wiki2/doku.php?do=index|site index]].

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