git & Synology

Setting up Synology with git

A great article here with screenshots – How to install Git Server

Some git commands now to use:

Creating working store:
cd git_repo
mkdir project.git
cd project.git
git --bare init
cd ..
chown -R git:users project.git

Working from remote location:
git clone ssh://git@192.*.*.11/volume1/git_repo/project.git/
cd project
mkdir test
git add test
git commit -m "adding test"
git push -u origin master
git status
git pull origin master
git ls-files
git log -n 10
git help [-a]

git works best bringing in the complete project tree so break projects up where you don’t want to bring down multiple project files.

Reference links:

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Convert DV footage for IPad Editting

My DV footage is:

  • video – 720 x 576, dv video dvdd,  25 frame
  • audio – pcm s16 le, 48k, 16bit stereo

I need to convert to:

  • video – h264 mpeg-4 abc avc1, 1920×1090, 25 frame
  • audio – aac sterio 44.1k

Automated the conversion using ffmpeg with the following options:

ffmpeg -i in.avi -vcodec libx264 -vf yadif -codec:a aac -vb 5M out.mp4

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Great Tutorial on CSS Image Transitions

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Links for using subversion

Command examples:

svn import -m "Import new folder to the project" new_folder \


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Great Photography Bookmarks

Web Sites

Panasonic or Micro Four Thirds  Forums (I have a Panasonic GF3!)


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Night Photography: set up your camera to shoot anything

This site has just become one of my favourites for photography due to the tutorials, forum and articles. Love this article on how to set up your camera for night shoots.

Night Photography: set up your camera to shoot anything | Digital Camera World – page 2.

from Digital Camera World

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WordPress Changes – Full Categories

When using the TwentyTen theme it shows category excerpts only. To change this to full content you need to make the following change:

Find the “loop.php” file in your Theme, TwentyTen for me, search for “the_excerpt()” and replace it with “the_content()” in one place.

<?php if ( is_archive() || is_search() ) : // Only display excerpts for archives and search. ?>

<div class=”entry-summary”>

<?php the_excerpt(); ?><!– CHANGE THIS TO “the_content()” –>

This appears to be working for me.

via WordPress › Support » show full post from category.

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Media download – synology

Synology is an amazing device for creating a central point for all my media. Now that automatic downloading is available it just gets better.

To set up your Synology to download from newsgroups follow the steps outlined in this post…..hopefully I’ll have it all setup soon.

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Image Gallery

Here are some of the images I’ve been playing around with either using iPhone Apps or Photoshop Elements…..

[nggallery id=1]

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Photoshop Elements

Here are some free Photoshop Elements v10 tutorial video tutorial sites:

If you know of any more let me know 🙂

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