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General PostIt Board – http://ideabordz.comIcebreaker questions – Training Sitesdatacamp.com Other PostIt type boards     Jamboard (Google)     Funretro     Mentimeter     Miro

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Free Conference Bridge

Saving this link here for when I need a free conference bridge in the future..

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Bot Notifications using Telegram

This PHP setup is based off of the excellent Python article provided by Man Hay Hong. To get started you need to download/install Telegram and set yourself up as a user. Once it is installed you need to setup a … Continue reading

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Old CrossFamily Front Page

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Powering ESP8266 & other devices

While I get this sorted out this page will be a holding page for parts located: MT3608 DC to DC Boost converter (3.7v to 5v) TP4056 Lithium Battery Charging board 18650 Lithium battery

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git Quick Reference

Pull Code from a Repository    git clone http://{server/repository.git Add Files to Local Repository    git add * Status of Local Files    git status Commit Changes Locally    git commit -m “Adding new files” Commit Change to Remote Main … Continue reading

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