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A contract IT professional that has been in the technology industry a number of years at various blue chip companies. During his career he has been a successful application developer, analyst, project manager, IT manager and system administrator, and performed in both global and local roles. For contract opportunities feel free to contact Warren through this site.


Links for using subversion Best Practice Using keywords Command examples: svn import -m “Import new folder to the project” new_folder \ svn://SVN_REPO/projects/new_folder  

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Great Photography Bookmarks

Web Sites Digital Camera World (great tutorials) DPReview Panasonic or Micro Four Thirds  Forums (I have a Panasonic GF3!) DPReview Micro Four Thirds DPReview Panasonic Forum  

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Night Photography: set up your camera to shoot anything

This site has just become one of my favourites for photography due to the tutorials, forum and articles. Love this article on how to set up your camera for night shoots. Night Photography: set up your camera to shoot anything … Continue reading

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WordPress Changes – Full Categories

When using the TwentyTen theme it shows category excerpts only. To change this to full content you need to make the following change: Find the “loop.php” file in your Theme, TwentyTen for me, search for “the_excerpt()” and replace it with … Continue reading

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Media download – synology

Synology is an amazing device for creating a central point for all my media. Now that automatic downloading is available it just gets better. To set up your Synology to download from newsgroups follow the steps outlined in this post…..hopefully … Continue reading

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Photoshop Elements

Here are some free Photoshop Elements v10 tutorial video tutorial sites: Adobe TV Essential Photoshop Elements If you know of any more let me know 🙂

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Mass “ping” from a locked down PC

Recently I needed to find the ‘rough’ location of hundreds of computers on the network but only had access to a locked down PC where I could not use the software I would normally use. To get around this I … Continue reading

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Norton Internet Security & Microsoft Office Activation

A friend was having trouble activating their Microsoft Office software on their new Windows 7 PC and asked for some help. The problem was that it continually failed to contact the authorisation servers and so would not activate their software. … Continue reading

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Scrolling a JPopupMenu (Scrollable JPopupMenu)

I’ve just come across a need for a JPopupMenu with lots of menu items and found out scrolling support if not built on? Shock! Horror! After using Google to look for options and finding everything over-engineered or doing some weird … Continue reading

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Scheduling a recurring event (Timers)

So you need an event to occur at regular intervals without doing your own time checks and forcing your application to operate sequentially? You have a number of options open to you but my favourites are the Timer classes, either … Continue reading

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