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A contract IT professional that has been in the technology industry a number of years at various blue chip companies. During his career he has been a successful application developer, analyst, project manager, IT manager and system administrator, and performed in both global and local roles. For contract opportunities feel free to contact Warren through this site.

Security Websites

Some useful links to security related online checking tools: Trackback an IP address – https://ipinfo.ioRun an application through a sandbox check – https://www.joesandbox.comOnline check a file/url/IP –

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Telegram Bot API

The Telegram Bot API can be found here! The web hooks look interesting for two way communication between bot and user(s), and looks simple enough to implement so possibly a future activity.  

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Bot Notifications using Telegram

This PHP setup is based off of the excellent Python article provided by Man Hay Hong. To get started you need to download/install Telegram and set yourself up as a user. Once it is installed you need to setup a … Continue reading

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ESP8266 – Getting Started with MicroPython

For a couple of pounds I purchased a couple of ESP8266 NodeMCU WEMOS development boards to play with. Decided to go with the NodeMCU versions so that they come with a micro USB and 3.3 regulator onboard. As I’ve been … Continue reading

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Creating an Alexa Skill to work with your Synology

I found this excellent article on creating a basic Alexa skill. Follow this tutorial to get a basic skill and use the php code below instead of the shell script in the tutorial as the Synology does not like non-PHP … Continue reading

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Broadlink RM IR control via Python

Christmas I received the Broadlink RM device for controlling IR devices with the intention of using it with Amazon Alexa. It turns out that the service is not available in the UK so the only way to control the device … Continue reading

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Synology Certificates and Alexa Skills

If you want to host Alexa skills on your Synology you will need to use Let’s Encrypt certificates as the default one will not authenticate for the skill. To check if your certificate is okay use SSLChecker to validate the certificate from … Continue reading

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Installing Screen on Synology

Home page for screen To install on synology you need to have ipkg installed. Mine is located in /opt/bin. sudo /opt/bin/ipkg install screen If you just run /opt/bin/screen you will get a terminal error as you may not have a … Continue reading

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Finding devices on local network

Run the following command on a UNIX based machine: ping -c 3 > /dev/null; arp -a The first command pools devices and the second outputs the known devices on the network

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git & Synology

Setting up Synology with git A great article here with screenshots – How to install Git Server Some git commands now to use: Creating working store: cd git_repo mkdir project.git cd project.git git –bare init cd .. chown -R git:users … Continue reading

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