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Powering ESP8266 & other devices

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git Quick Reference

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Installing Gitea (my own GitHub)

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SVN Quick Reference

View Repository     svn ls svn://{server}/projects Import New Folders in to Repository    svn import {folder} svn://{server}/projects/{folder} -m “{comment}” Checkout Folder/Files from Repository   svn co svn://{server}/projects/{folder} View Status of Files in Folder   svn status Checkin Changed Files … Continue reading

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Docker Quick Reference

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Excel: Expand multi-line rows

How to end up with one row per entry in a spreadsheet when some cells contain multiple entries. This example will expand the data below in to multiple rows using a VB. Noting here for my reference. The following code … Continue reading

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FFMPEG to crop MP3

Using ffmpeg to crop a file is fast and efficient if you know the time positions to crop. I used VLC to identify the positions (my version of vlc would not crop – sad face). fmpeg -i input-file.mp3 -ss 6:40:00 … Continue reading

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Convert DV footage for IPad Editting

My DV footage is: video – 720 x 576, dv video dvdd,  25 frame audio – pcm s16 le, 48k, 16bit stereo I need to convert to: video – h264 mpeg-4 abc avc1, 1920×1090, 25 frame audio – aac sterio 44.1k Automated the … Continue reading

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Image Gallery

Here are some of the images I’ve been playing around with either using iPhone Apps or Photoshop Elements…..

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