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This site is a knowledge store or repository of anything technical that has made my life easier. The structure has been setup so that others can learn from my examples, or I can grab them quickly for reuse.

I’d appreciate any feedback to improve the content and make it more useable.

Warren Cross (Site Author)
Warren is a contract IT professional with many years in the technology industry and has performed numerous roles either locally or globally: project manager, IT manager, portfolio manager, technical analyst, application developer, management of onshore/offshore/rightshore resources, operational/strategic management.

His technical experience covers: ITIL, IT infrastructure, virtualisation, HP-UX/Linux/Windows, Clustering/load-balancing, Java (Swing, multi-thread, secure communications, JDBC, JNDI,…), Perl, Tcl, Tcl-Expect, Clearcase, CVS, C, C++, shell scripting, Oracle, MySQL, Java Derby, SQL, IIS, Apache, Tomcat ,PHP, OsCommerce integrations, CSS, HTML.

Always open to new contract opportunities (shameless plug!)

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