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git Quick Reference

Pull Code from a Repository    git clone http://{server/repository.git Add Files to Local Repository    git add * Status of Local Files    git status Commit Changes Locally    git commit -m “Adding new files” Commit Change to Remote Main … Continue reading

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Installing Gitea (my own GitHub)

To install Gitea on a Synology under Docker you can pretty much follow the instructions found here I used the custome setup with some minor changes to the USER-UID & USER-GID for the account I want to run under on … Continue reading

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SVN Quick Reference

View Repository     svn ls svn://{server}/projects Import New Folders in to Repository    svn import {folder} svn://{server}/projects/{folder} -m “{comment}” Checkout Folder/Files from Repository   svn co svn://{server}/projects/{folder} View Status of Files in Folder   svn status Checkin Changed Files … Continue reading

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Docker Quick Reference

View/Change Container Status     docker ps                 {list running containers}     docker ps -a              {list all containers even exited ones}     docker container pause … Continue reading

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Excel: Expand multi-line rows

How to end up with one row per entry in a spreadsheet when some cells contain multiple entries. This example will expand the data below in to multiple rows using a VB. Noting here for my reference. The following code … Continue reading

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