Screen Capture Utility

Ever had the need to capture some or all of your screen so that you can include the image in to an email, or other documentation? You could use the default Windows screen print functionality but that will capture all of your screen and you may only want a small part.

I had this problem and decided that a small utility that I had previously written could be modified to provide all the functionality needed. My new desktop friend ‘clippy’ was born!

This is a small Java based application that will either stick to your desktop background or slide on/off your desktop as needed. It will capture portions of your screen and save them to your clipboard as images that can be pasted straight in to documents.

The applications needs Java 1.4 to support some features and I had to write my own alpha channel support for the transparent background functionality as this is not supported until Java 1.6. I’ll add an example on how to do this soon as there are many other uses for the same code base.

About Warren Cross

A contract IT professional that has been in the technology industry a number of years at various blue chip companies. During his career he has been a successful application developer, analyst, project manager, IT manager and system administrator, and performed in both global and local roles. For contract opportunities feel free to contact Warren through this site.
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