Blogging with the iPhone

Okay, not more than a couple of hours ago I set up WordPress on my own site and now have downloaded the App for my iPhone. This blog has been typed out on my small phone screen a few feet from my real keyboard but if it works – woohoo!

(update) It works and was really simple to setup. I love it when technology just does what you think it should. Thankfully I was not disappointed.

If you’re using WordPress and have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch (always want to say iTouch) get the App now.

It’s free!

About Warren Cross

A contract IT professional that has been in the technology industry a number of years at various blue chip companies. During his career he has been a successful application developer, analyst, project manager, IT manager and system administrator, and performed in both global and local roles. For contract opportunities feel free to contact Warren through this site.
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